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The Industry vs. TheVentureCity

Industry funds Our fund
Financial-first due diligence We look at the engineering, product and scalability of the startup. Then we conduct financial & legal due diligence
Business Plan dependent We need to understand the product and the founder
No background on the startup team We check the founder’s background through our network
Fund chooses the founder Founder chooses us. The good opportunities are oversubscribed and founders just want to work with who adds value to their business
Local investments International-first
When things go wrong, limited support We love to be involved in the business when needed, especially if things go wrong
Mandate a board seat We don’t require a board seat but we are always invited
Track financial performance on a monthly basis We track growth & engagement metrics as well as financial data
Overprotect themselves from company’s failures We team up with the founders to avoid failures
Just provide financial support Good founders choose us not just for funding. They want our knowledge, network and experience

The Industry vs. TheVentureCity

Our Due Diligence process

  • 500+ companies reviewed. 80+ deals analyzed

  • 17 companies invested since March 2017

Geographical Presence

We have invested in 9 cities, 5 countries and 4 different continents. Our portfolio has a global impact