Business Leaders from Esteemed Local Companies Confirmed as Guest Instructors for 2017 Fall Term

MIAMI, FL – August 30th, 2017 – 35 inspiring local tech leaders in global tech companies team up with TheVentureCity, an international ecosystem accelerator and fund, and The Idea Center at Miami Dade College (MDC) to launch the first-ever Associates in Science in Business Entrepreneurship degree. Despite being a traditional Institution, MDC encompasses an entrepreneurial soul and is eager to take this risk to collaborate with a new, passionate company like TheVentureCity. Available as of Fall 2017, this unprecedented pilot degree program, the first of its kind, leverages the knowledge of some of Miami’s key tech leaders who are fascinated by the initiative and takes a unique approach to equipping students with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the business world and turning ideas into market-ready products, services, business and social ventures.

The degree program features three new courses with curriculums custom-designed by TheVentureCity team and will be offered exclusively at MDC’s Wolfson Campus. Unlike the traditional lecture course that is led by one professor, disrupting the education norm, these courses will be led by distinguished international business professionals, entrepreneurs or thought leaders who have graciously donated their time on behalf of this pedagogical initiative. By sharing their own insights on business principles, techniques and best practices, these leaders hope to inspire and prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs.
This semester, the rotating roster of local leaders includes:

This program is spearheaded by TheVentureCity’s Vice President of University, Jimena Zubiria. Originally from Miami, FL, Zubiria’s illustrious career took her to London, where she served as Social Media Strategist at Wildfire, which was a start-up acquired by Google. She spent the last four years at Google in London managing technical consultants and when presented with the opportunity to lead TheVentureCity’s University operations, she left Google and returned to Miami to hit the ground running in April 2017. “I am excited to help organize and launch this new educational program, which has not been attempted before,” said Zubiria. “Our hope is that this program will transform the future of our talented youth, sharing with students what we have learned throughout our careers and equipping them with the resources and training to one day be successful entrepreneurs themselves.” “This development of the new Business Entrepreneurship Associates Degree offering was born from our belief in education being a key driver of innovation and desire to help nurture the passion of young, aspiring entrepreneurs,” said TheVentureCity CEO and Co-Founder Laura González Estefani. “This program exposes students to successful business leaders and potential mentors, whose real-world insight will be invaluable in sculpting them into future trailblazers of the growing Miami business and tech community.” The degree program combines traditional lectures with hands-on action and includes courses such as “Marketing in a Digital World,” “Entrepreneurial Leadership,” and “Small Business Management.” The curriculum will equip students with the skills and tools needed to kick-start their own businesses and further prepare them for immediate employment opportunities in a number of areas such as: startup strategy and execution, product development, project management, digital and social media marketing, user experience design, human resources and team management and organizational development.

Tapping distinguished individuals to mentor and give back to the local tech ecosystem, TheVentureCity hopes that this program will foster an entrepreneurial spirit among young entrepreneurs and invigorate the burgeoning local startup scene with fresh talent and perspective. For more information or to register for the program. Classes begin October 2, 2017. ### About TheVentureCity

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