We’ve launched Citizen, a new podcast from TheVentureCity

18 Dic 2018

We’ve launched Citizen, a new podcast from TheVentureCity

Every month, TheVentureCity will introduce you to our team, share our learnings and explain the latest global trends in the startup ecosystem

We have a new voice here at TheVentureCity. We’ve launched a new podcast called Citizen, produced by Cuonda and directed by Rosa Jiménez Cano, our Chief Ecosystems Relations, that will keep the startup community enthusiasts up to speed.

In the first episode of Citizen, we attempt to show what we are made of and aim to become a voice you can count on. We hope to stand out for our ability to share knowledge and to broaden horizons for “founders” that are looking for support in their growing companies. Throw those headphones on and take a listen to our first episode here.

Every month, a different member of our “City” will give tips on the latest trends in innovation, growth metrics, internationalization models and much more. Future episodes will also feature surprise guests including successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech ecosystem.

Rosa Jiménez shared our goals with this podcast: “Our mission is to generate value in new formats. We want to share the knowledge and experience of our network of over 70 mentors.” Citizen will be in Spanglish, depending on the guest and topic. “Sometimes it will be in Spanish. Others in English…or a mix. Very ‘Miami,’ and very typical of our day to day life.”

TheVentureCity accelerator has an innovative model with a “hands-on” approach with the startups. TheVentureCity invests a $100,000 ticket during 6 months of the program for 6% of the company.

For Laura González-Estéfani, CEO and founder of TheVentureCity “this is another way for us to stay in contact, remain fresh and vigilant with our community, because we believe the future leaders of our sector will be listening to this podcast.

As of now, TheVentureCity has accelerated companies from over 10 countries in Europe, America and Africa like 1Doc3Jobartis and Fastmind. Currently the program is working with Peoople and TonicApp. The accelerator boasts a strategic vision of betting support on a select number of companies a year.

Citizen is produced by Cuonda (the award-winning, independent podcast network from Spain) and is available on their website as well as other podcast platforms like iTunesiVoxSpotify, and more.

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