What do some of the most successful companies in the last decade have in common?

A strong culture for innovation that starts at the top.

Join us for an interactive 2-day workshop in Miami on September 12th-13th
focused on challenging you as a business leader to run a more innovative and successful organization.This program trains Entrepreneurial CEOs for all types of enterprises – large, medium, small, startups, family businesses, non-profits & govt. 


September 12th-13th


September 12th: 9AM-5PM
September 13th: 9AM-1PM


TheVentureCity Campus, Calle Ocho

How much?

$2,000 per person
$1,800 early-bird registration

Program Overview

Day 1

  • Gorillas vs. Chimps vs. Monkeys
  • Scale + Scope
  • Diversify or Focus
  • The Discipline of Innovation
  • Incremental + Radical
  • Mastering Continuous Improvement & Continuous Experimentation
  • Analytical vs. Emergent: Agile SCRUM / LeanStartup vs. Waterfall
  • Horizon 1, 2, 3 Innovation Project Management
  • Processes: Identify, Shape & Capture Opportunities
  • Building Culture – Resources, Processes, Success, Values, Behaviors & Climate
  • Problem Solving, Psychological Safe Spaces, Old + New Informal Networks, Collaboration
  • Making Mistakes, Disagree & Commit, Decision Making Speed

Day 2

On day two, Wyncode Academy will be helping you getting your hands dirty with a special coding course designed to deepen your understanding of the technology you interact with on a daily basis. No previous coding skills are necessary to participate!

The objective of your zero to hands on code experience will be to understand what code is, how web applications are built and most exciting, write some code!

This session will act as a bridge between non technical and technical understanding, but don’t worry, it will be fun.

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Built on the core values of transparency, diversity and fairness, TheVentureCity is an accelerator for the tech ecosystem. International-first, TheVentureCity introduces a unique, full-stage solution that creates cross-functional bridges between key regions to scale startups globally. With headquarters strategically located in Miami, FL, TheVentureCity serves as a bridge between the West Coast USA, Latin America and Europe.

As the #1 school for entrepreneurship education for 25 consecutive years, Babson College comes to Miami to serve working professionals in the Southern US and Latin American markets, where Babson already has a large alumni base of almost 5,000 people. The Babson Miami Hub will offer three graduate programs (Blended Learning MBA, Masters of Science in Business Analytics and Certificate in Advanced Management) starting fall of 2018 in addition to workshops and executive education programs. Founded in 1919 in Massachusetts, Babson brings to Miami nearly a 100 years of excellence and expertise from different centers on entrepreneurship, women leadership, social innovation and finance, among other activities.

Wyncode Academy is a leading technical school in Florida dedicated to training technologists with business acumen through best-in-class accelerated and immersive teaching methodologies. With various courses in web development, digital marketing and UX/UI fundamentals, Wyncode’s curricula and efforts are focused on serving market-specific needs for its clients and hiring partners. Launched in 2014 as a coding bootcamp in Miami’s trendy Wynwood arts district, Wyncode proudly maintains a 91 percent job placement rate for its Full Stack Web Development course.