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What does The Garden offer?

Our fellowships are customized to your company’s needs and include the following:

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If you have an established company we support you through your growth and internationalization plans. For companies that are more early-stage, we offer friendly co-founding and will guide you through your first scale-up.

We organize our Garden Fellowship in two groups: Growth & Greenhouse.

Growth Greenhouse
Company Stage Established companies that are looking to boost their internationalization and growth strategies Early stage companies with a tested pilot in the market that are looking to work on their startup full time and bring it to the next level
Valuation More than US$5MM Less than US$5mm
Years of incorporation More than 1.5 years Less than 1.5 years
Traction At least one year of double digit traction At least 3 months of double digit traction
Duration Up to 18 months Up to 36 months
Equity up to 10% prorated (56bps monthly) up to 25% prorated (69bps monthly)
Minimum stay 3 months (Equivalent to 1.66% equity) 3 months (Equivalent to 2.08% equity)

We organize our Garden Fellowship in two groups: Growth & Greenhouse

Garden Fellowship

TVC and network will review applications based on industry, growth metrics traction, customer acquisition cost, market fit & team. After our initial review we will chose the companies that will pass to the interview phase, which will be followed by a discovery call and our due-diligence process.

The Garden’s Core Values

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As part of our Garden fellowship you will have full access to our global & highly-experienced team, our network of expertmentors and our trusted partners.

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