The Garden, a new type of acceleration and incubation model

We work with tech startups from around the world to help grow and internationalize their business.
Our team of growth, product, engineers, innovation, operations, culture and financial experts with international expertise work with your team as a hands-on advisors that you can access as often as you need (https://theventure.city/people/). Key details of the program  include:

  • Dream Team: Full access to our strong team with wide expertise growing tech companies globally
  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Investment: We invest $100k, plus the acceleration program, that converts to 6% of the company to help the founders focus on the StartUps most essential challenges: Product and Growth
  • Equity: We take 6% of the company for a $100k investment.
  • Co-working: Fellows can enjoy free coworking in Miami and Madrid for the duration of the program
  • Location: Virtual engagement is also available but we will have 1 immersion week and another one in 3 months in our location that fellows are highly encourage to attend.

Fellowship programs are highly personalized to meet each startup’s needs. Each startup has Immediate access to our core team at TheVentureCity and the opportunity to deep dive into our external network.

The Acceleration Program will involve

  • North Star Session: Where we get to understand more about your company. The objective of these sessions are:
    • Define the specific goals and metrics from a Product, Growth and Technology perspective of your company and design the tailored Garden Fellowship that is ideal to your company.
    • Design how the rest of TheVentureCity core team will support your startup through Education, Operations, Innovation, Strategy to achieve the program goals
  • On-demand session: As a fellow you have access to all of our core team through offices hours and on demand working sessions. On demand sessions include:
      Our lab team includes Product, Data & Growth, Engineering and Marketing. Patricia de Loro, TVC Chief Product Officer, has over 16 year’ experience in digital product strategy. Her team includes our VP of Product David Marcus, with deep experience in broad business and product strategy. Our Engineering lead, Víctor Servin, who serves as TVC CTO and has nearly 20 years’ experience in all aspects of tech, from software development to management. Our VP of engineering, Roberto Navas has over eighteen years’ experience in product and has worked on initiatives with companies such as Facebook and Google. Our head of Growth is Ekaterina Skorobogatova, who has worked as a growth manager at Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
      • PRODUCT
        Through the product sessions we will ensure you have the necessary product frameworks to scale. This includes: 1) Ensuring market/product fit and vision alignment; 2) Roadmap prioritization strategies and identification of KPIs; 3) Focus on building foundations to support projected growth; 3) Implementing product testing methodologies; 4) Defining & Optimizing of the notification channels: Push Notification, email & SMS; 5)  Language & cultural checks and 6) Advising on hiring talent
        Startups that make data driven decisions are the ones that can scale faster. Through the growth sessions we will ensure you have the necessary product frameworks to scale. This includes: 1) Definition of the key growth & engagement metrics; 2) Design and Implementation of the ‘’Big data’’ tools, to track the growth, engagement and revenue; 3) Implementation of data visualization tools; 4) Deep dives on core product performance and internal communication and 5) Advising on hiring talent.
        Through the engineering  sessions we will ensure you have the necessary technology to take your startup to the next level. This includes: 1) Analysis of engineering platforms; 2) Product performance optimization; 3) Advisory on third party software integration and compatibility; 4) Advisory on acquiring of startups & tools available in market and 5) Advising on hiring talent
    • BANK
      Our Bank team is lead by Guillermo Cortina, who has deep knowledge of strategy development, strategic investment, structured deals, sales and marketing, risk management, and securities trading. The team includes Andy Areitio, a two-time startup founder with experience in both management consulting and finance in Europe and Asia, and Maria Pereda Ehrlich, a former Associate in Sales & Trading at Morgan Stanley Katia Sielecki, our fund strategist, has worked as a corporate lawyer and has experience in the pharmaceutical industry and e-health startups. The Bank team provides support with: 1) Defining the funding timeline; 2) Identifying preferred investors; 3) Reviewing funding materials; 4) Advising on Term Sheets, convertible notes, SAFE notes, and commitments; and 5) Preparing your company for its next round of funding
      Our University team provides core education on an as-needed basis, and helps to organize relevant programming for entrepreneurs at all levels. As a Garden fellow, you will have access to the events organized by the University, as well as to the deep entrepreneurial knowledge of our VPs, Jimena Zubiria and Carlos Montes, who understand that knowledge is useful only in conjunction with application.
      Authenticity, transparency and open communication strategies Hiring and retaining talent are key aspect of growing your company. We will support you in building a feedback culture that is able to define and track goals. We will also give you advice on how to create good habits such as one-on-one meetings, HPMs and celebrate success and failure.
      Sometimes overlooked at the early stage, it is important to have operations well structured. Our Chief Operation Officer, Santiago Canalejo will support you with: 1) Reflecting on organizational structure, team, and profiles; 2) Reviewing and advising on main processes & resources; 3) Use of contractors and advisors at different levels and stages (legal, admin, accounting, etc.;  4) Performance evaluation and team alignment and 5) Managing diversity
      The entire TVC network becomes your network and the basis for you to build your ecosystem. In particular, our Studio works with established companies to help you create long-term partnerships within your market area. Our Studio VPs are Daniel Yuste and Borja Zamacola, who together have over twenty-five years’ experience in business development. This includes: 1) Identifying key industry public or private partnerships for companies at different stages; 2) Supporting partnerships negotiation; and 3) Introducing founders to key stakeholders to build long-term relationships and a global network
    • ONE-ON-ONES:
      Founders have weekly or bi-weekly meetings with other CEOs as well as separate meetings with our Chief Acceleration Officer, Laura Gaviria Halaby. In this session, founders have the opportunity to exchange ideas and create a support strategy while building their companies.
    • Mentors and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Hours:
      In addition to the broad expertise offered by the core team at TVC, we have partnerships with over seventy professionals across the entire spectrum of technology and business, who are available for on-demand conversations. A full list of employees and partial list of SMEs can be found here: https://theventure.city/people/
  • Founders: Awesome mission driven founders with a full-time team and clearly defined roles within the company
  • Data Nerds: We’re data junkies, and we look for companies that are always looking to identify how they can make data work for them
  • Solution: We invest in products, not ideas. Garden fellows should have a product already in the market, with at least 6 months of double digit traction of key KPIs.
  • Techies: We are looking for companies with a solid engineering base and founders who understand their technology inside and out.
  • Internationalization: We are looking for companies that have the potential for significant international growth and impact; we are a global group of investors, and as such, we think on an international scale
  • Industries: Fintech, Travel, Education, SaaS, Marketplaces, AI, Blockchain and many others

Apply through our website at https://theventure.city/the-garden/ where you will answer a series of pre-diligence questions.  We have rolling applications so please feel free to apply at any point during the year. We only accept 25 companies per year, so applying as early on will only help your chances!

After you have submitted your application the team will contact your for an initial meeting. If your company is chosen to move through the process we will start with a Discovery Call where both parties will explore if they are a good fit to work together. This is followed by the due diligence process. We begin with understanding the product and the technology behind the company. We then move on to financial due diligence, and if cleared, move to legal due diligence. The entire process takes about 8 weeks on our side. Our goal during due diligence is understanding you and your needs so we can better serve them.

Yes! The teams who have gone through the Garden have a pilot in the market already, or are even further along in building their company. As such, they have often gone through one or more funding rounds at the time of application. Our current portfolio includes companies valued from US$1mm – US$40mm.

Yes! We focus on Fintech, SaaS, cybersecurity, consumer product/services, marketplaces, enterprise software, among others. In this realm, several of our companies have overlapping goals and services offered. As part of our commitment to secrecy, we will offer tailored advice and will not divulge information about one company’s business to the team of another company.

We recognize that the huge demand for new technology allows space in most markets for various competitors with some intersection in their business models or products.