From Engagement to Retention to Growth

Miami Event

03 Oct 2018

From Engagement to Retention to Growth

Products and services that grow efficiently make positive first impressions and entice customers to return time and again. They do this by creating and fostering engagement. By extracting more value from marketing dollars and creating a positive feedback loop, focusing on engagement helps separate successful startups from also-rans.

This workshop takes an analytical, data-driven approach to teach attendees how to:

  • Measure and use retention and churn rates

  • Interpret cohort retention curves

  • Establish a key action or unit of value

  • Learn from examples of successful onboarding flows

  • Combine key actions with frequency analysis to create retention baselines

  • Differentiate between high- and low-frequency usage scenarios and find the right one to use for your business

  • Increase retention in meaningful versus superficial ways


6:00-6:30: Networking Hour
6:30-8:00: Workshop*

* Please arrive in time as the workshop will begin at 6:30 sharp.

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