A Brief Startup Guide to U.S. Immigration

Miami Event

29 Aug 2018

A Brief Startup Guide to U.S. Immigration

Navigating the U.S. immigration system can be very confusing, especially when launching (or expanding) your startup. However, fully understanding your immigration options is a key step when hiring foreign workers or bringing your international startup to the United States.

During this workshop, Katerina Barquet will guide you through the several immigration options that are available for startup founders who wish to bring (or keep growing) their innovative businesses to the United States.

Coffee & Pastelitos will be provided

About Katerina:

Katerina Barquet is an experienced immigration and corporate lawyer, who focuses her practice on providing immigration counsel to foreign nationals, U.S. companies, multi-national companies, and startups.

Her professional experience focuses on immigration and corporate matters across a wide range of industries including technology, entertainment, financial services, real estate, and hospitality, among others.

Katerina is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the United Nations Association, and is actively involved in various philanthropic international organizations. 

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