Intro to Creative Coding for Beginners

Miami Event

07 Feb 2018

Intro to Creative Coding for Beginners

An intro to creative coding with P5.js - this workshop makes coding accessible to artists, musicians, designers, and beginners. Starting with the basics of syntax, to drawing and coloring with JavaScript, to introducing more complex topics such as external libraries and audio processing, this 2 hour workshop takes participants from being complete beginners to coding their own music responsive work of art in one of the most integral web programming languages today. Proceeds from this workshop will go to funding CodeArt clubs all over Miami Dade County. please Bring a laptop or a Tablet!

About the teacher: 

Marlise Urscheler works as a User Experience Designer at Blackhawk Network; engages young girls and women with computer science through creative coding as an Instructor with Code/Art; and is a Teaching Fellow for CS50x Miami - Miami Dade College’s implementation of Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science. In her spare time, she enjoys attending and teaching workshops devoted to engaging people with computer science around Miami.

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