Building for Data

Miami Event

11 Oct 2017

Building for Data

Learn from CTO Victor Servin everything you need to know about building your product to collect the most impactful data. This workshop will cover best practices for analytics, why it is important to set this up properly, and how to incorporate analytics into the early versions of your product to have the most impactful BI metrics. Learn to make decisions based on data and to focus on metrics that matter.

You will walk away from this FREE 3 hour workshop with:

1)       The tools and knowledge needed to build, measure, analyze and learn from your product

2)       Ability to separate vanity metrics from execution metrics

3)       How to apply all the above to your MVP

Audience: early stage entrepreneurs starting to build their product 

About the instructor: 

Victor Servin, CTO of The Venture City, he has worked in tech & telco for the last 17 years, from software development to leading digital transformation. He has a mix of technical and business knowledge, finding the right balance between clean & cutting edge solutions, with business feasibility.

Victor has experience integrating systems and services with the key Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Whastapp, etc. which gives him a very clear understanding of the 360 degrees of tech, from mobile infrastructure and/or broadband, to the OTT world in all its variants; Messaging, e-commerce, Video, payments, etc, 

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