Product Marketing Intern // Fall 2020

We are looking for a Part-time Product Marketing intern, starting ASAP, remotely.

To apply for this role, please send in your application here.

We’re here to make the difference

  • Uniwhere wants to support students performing under pressure by providing them with the tools and the information needed to make the best choices during their studies. We started tackling this monumental problem by addressing its most urgent side: email management.
  • We’ve been been introducing technology in the higher education world for years, and grew them to over half a million students by partnering with some of the most incredible venture in Europe. We’re now ready to launch in the US starting from the very best schools in the country, and you will be part of our incredible journey.
  • Our HQ is in Berlin, with a legal branch in Venice for the development team and an upcoming one in New York. We’re a fully remote team working in 4 different timezones between US and EU.

You’ll help us make the product

This is a role that sits at the crossroad between product management and marketing: you will be able to learn-by-doing a set of crucial skills needed to perform well in any startup or VC.

In particular:

  • You’ll help us market an exclusive and highly innovative product to new users, onboard them, and gather feedback after usage
  • You’ll help us define Uniwhere’s positioning and core messaging, helping us strategize and grow our product
  • You’ll help us enable and then maintain a relationship with student-led clubs, societies and organizations
  • We are a very small team, so your voice will matter a lot in how we decide to steer the whole company in the States

We’re looking for strivers

  • You are interested in startups, hyper-growth companies that strive to have an impact at scale
  • You are into marketing and business—bonus points if you have some projects you worked on to show us (Instagram pages, TikTok profiles, the best lemonade stand of your neighbourhood, whatever, really!)
  • You are or have been part of a student-led society in your college, a plus if a business club
  • You are comfortable with working in a unstructured environment characterized by fast decisions, little micromanagement and very high levels of expected autonomy


  • We don’t care about your race, your gender, or your grades. We pay attention at how people think, not how they look.
  • We do care about our company values, and you should be comfortable with sharing them with us: Daring more, Being fast, Keeping pushing, Being human, Seeking beauty, and Staying curious. You can read more about them and what they mean here.

We want you to grow

During your internship, you will have the whole Uniwhere team working alongside you to help you grow professionally as much as we possibly can.

Our last intern was from Columbia, and she’s not Growth & Product Advisor for the project. So rest assured: we don’t take internships lightly. They are an honor and a great responsibility. You can be sure that after the internship, you’ll end up better equipped to face a future in the startup industry.


To apply to this role, please send in your application here.

Here’s how it works:

If we like your application, we’ll invite you for a 30-minute video call during which we will get a sense of your background. That’s the perfect moment to understand if we’re a good fit for you too. It’s nothing more than a friendly chat.

Sounds good? Great. Apply now here!

UNIWHERE - Product Marketing Intern // Fall 2020

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