Junior Android Developer

We are looking for an Intern in Android Development, starting ASAP, remotely.

We are a leading app in the University space, with half a million students and backed by international investors. We’re now expanding in the United States, and you can be part of our crazy journey.

About us

  • Uniwhere is on a mission to provide equal access to the information students need to make the best choices. We aggregate data from multiple sources and make it actionable and relevant to every student’s unique background
  • Our HQ is Berlin and our legal office for development is in Italy. We’re a fully remote company, though. We’re working in 4 different timezones between US and EU

About the role

  • You will join our mobile dev team, and contribute in the development of the Android version of our mobile app
  • You will be mentored by a senior Android developer, but the role is going to have a good level of autonomy expected on your side
  • Our tech stack — so that you know what to expect from our codebase — is composed of: Jetpack libraries, MMVM pattern, Retrofit, Coroutines, Dagger, Clean Architecture, Kotlin Multiplatform

About you

  • Must have: you already contributed to the development of one (or more) Android app or Android library that you can show us (personal projects are definitely ok for us! actually, they’re the best)
    • Bonus points if you can share the code / part of its code with us for review
  • You are comfortable with coding in Kotlin
  • You are comfortable with Git (even though we don’t expect a super high level of proficiency)
  • Your fiscal residency is in Italy (due to paperwork)

What we’re looking for

We don’t really care if you have a degree or not, or about your gender, or where you will work from. What we do care about is if:

  • You have a get-shit-done attitude
  • You are a lifelong learner: if you don’t know something, you’re eager to go out there and learn it right away
  • You feel aligned with our company values.


  • During the onboarding, you will have a senior developer working alongside with you
  • We are a very small team, so your voice will matter a lot in how we decide to steer the company
  • We will invest as much as we can in your learning: be it conferences, online courses, our internal library, internal workshops or resources


Here’s how it works:

If we like your application, we’ll invite you for a 30-minute video call during which we will get a sense of your background. That’s the perfect moment to understand if we’re a good fit for you too. It’s nothing more than a friendly chat.

The final step of the hiring process is a proper deep dive with the whole team: tech, product, management. All cards on the table!

Uniwhere - Junior Android Developer

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