Customer Success Manager

“A Customer Success Manager is responsible for developing customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty. Their job is to work closely with customers to ensure they are satisfied with the services they receive and to improve upon areas of dissatisfaction.”
The position requires an understanding of customer requirements, managing the implementation process and driving adoption by providing recommendations that align with client’s specific business needs/goals.
The position requires a confident, goal-focused person who is a team player and skilled at relationship building.
This role is based in 3 areas: Data analysis, Tech, Customer relations

About the Job

  • Understand customer outcomes by communicating with customers, analyze customer health metrics, run NPS and gather other feedback
  • Represent the voice of the customer to provide input into product, marketing and sales process
  • Serve as the primary contact for the on-boarding of new customers, the training of platform end users, as well as after that
  • Collaborate with the engineering and development team to set up or configure climber software platform as per customers’ requirements and troubleshoot technical issues raised by customers
  • Gauge customers’ levels of engagement with the company and provide feedback to the other teams regarding product and service improvements
  • Provide insights to customers to ensure that they get the most out of the platform with the aim of helping grow our customer base
  • Being the main point of contact between the company and the customers


Success, Revenue Management & Sales:

  • Maintain and provide regular account updates within CRM or other applications/sheets
  • Engage in weekly calls (depending on each client) with existing clients to provide insights on how to better take advantage of Climber app, to avoid churn;
  • Drive high product adoption after new onboardings, through support and engagement with end users;
  • Understand success for clients, set expectations and maximize their success;
  • Proficient at product demos to highlight new Climber features
  • Build clients success case-studies to be used by Sales & Marketing;
  • Provide concrete examples of clients’ success case-studies to the sales team (to be used in their demos to improve the sales of the app);
  • Provide support to Revenue Management training when needed;



  • Maintain the overall health of accounts assigned and provide client feedback to the Product Manager (or someone acting on his/her behalf).
  • Act as liaison between various internal departments and track issues with accounts to resolution using our ticketing system ‘Service Desk’, by prioritizing its resolutions.
  • Manage the accuracy of client’s data within Climber features


  • Analyze data to identify and promote the most relevant features/functionality for clients’ needs (report, track and consolidate enhancement requests);
  • Use behavior analysis tools (e.g. Mixpanel and HotJar) to understand and optimize customer engagement (length of the first session, the frequency of logins, the total number of logins, time spent on individual tasks);
  • Measure customer satisfaction through tracking of indicators (e.g. NPS, Churn, LTV, CAC, CES Customer Effort Score);
  • Understand and master the “jobs-to-be-done” methodology;

About You

  • Client-centered approach and professional orientation
  • Good team player, flexible and positive attitude
  • Business and technical knowledge of Climber app
  • Relationship-building, product knowledge, planning and execution skills
  • Analytical approach to identification and resolution of problems
  • Good prioritization of tasks
  • Good and previous experience using a BI analytic tool (e.g. Tableau, Qlik, Sisense)
  • Desire to work directly with clients to solve business issues
  • Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets, presentation creation
  • Revenue Management knowledge
  • Create a positive and productive environment within the department
  • Web conferencing software, CRM and ticketing systems understanding (JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Basecamp)

Pay and Benefits

You will be able to take advantage of many of the benefits that working at a smaller scale company has to offer, such as:

  • Open communication with one another
  • Work with an international team
  • Fresh fruit, snacks, coffee and tea
  • Daily ping pong sessions
  • Cool team building exercises from time to time
  • Flexible working hours with the possibility to work remotely part of the time
  • Having your voice heard and respected
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • No strict dress code
  • Being highly valued as a person
  • Possibility for stock options

Salary is to be negotiated, but we do pay competitively depending on your experience.

How to Apply

Send us your cover letter and CV to We will read every single cover letter and give you the courtesy and consideration that you have given to us by participating in this application process.

Since we’re big on working together, you will be interviewed by your future colleagues. We’ll show you some of our code, you show us some of yours and we’ll have some nice discussions to get to know each other. Thank you for taking the time and the chance to move forward with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

CLIMBERS - Customer Success Manager

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