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*** Job opening has been closed ***

Thank you very much for your interest in this position, a huge number of people have already applied and the hiring process is ongoing. We hope to announce more interesting positions soon.

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Our Mission

We are a new venture and acceleration model that helps diverse founders and companies achieve global impact.

Our Team

We are a passionate, committed, and international executive team from hyper-growth companies with successful track records as mentors, entrepreneurs, and executives. A Dream Team with deep expertise growing tech companies globally. We not only support entrepreneurs with funding strategies but also with engineering, product, growth, marketing, legal and internationalization strategies of their startups.

What we do in Business Mindset

We help companies to project their present and future ventures, based on the creation of products and services relevant to people, combining the forces of technology, data and growth, fostering a startup culture that allows evolving companies into the context of ongoing global business change.

The Role: Business Builder

TheVentureCity is seeking a Business Builder to join our new Business Mindset area.

As part of a multi-disciplinary innovative and product-oriented team, you’ll blur the lines between business development, innovation, product management, and creativity—helping our partners across the world create new products, services, offerings and ventures to market.

With frequent trips that take you to Latin-America, USA, and Europe, you’ll be a part business developer, consultant, strategist, and operational & hands-on person, working alongside other builders, doers, and thinkers from different backgrounds.

Your role will primarily be to develop business and also work on high-impact projects for companies and corporations of different geographies, with a focus on Innovation and New Business Design. What is this position about?

  • Business Development:  You will build strategic partner relationships driving value to their business long term. These relationships than will translate into building ad hoc ecosystems for our partners where innovation, investment & a core product and engineering team will coexist.
  • Value creation: From what needs to be done to how needs to be done and the measurement of the impact in the organization.

Who would be ideal for the challenge?

  • Do you consider yourself open-minded, actively cooperative, team player and a hard worker?
  • Are you curious about what is unknown and different?
  • Are you used to working with different cultures, geographies, and time-zones?
  • Do you believe that diversity, trust, hands-on approach, and willingness to learn from each other are the keys to success?
  • Have you built a business before? Also, if you have failed, even better, we are looking for a builder, a believer, someone with a real positive attitude.
  • Do you consider yourself an ambitious person, passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and creative problem-solving?
  • Do you consider yourself a quick thinker and a proactive person?
  • Are you autonomous enough to take ownership of challenges? We are looking for highly self-motivated people that can own the day to day work.
  • Are you a detail-oriented, creative, and agile problem-solver? We need you to track all moving parts and ensure all are working.
  • Do you have at least 10 years of professional experience?
  • Do you feel comfortable with ambiguity and complex challenges?


We need a Full-Stack individual who is capable of operating equally at ease externally with companies and internally with our cross-functional teams. Someone with deep attention to details and very creative, organized, with strong relationship building skills, enthusiastic, confident, outgoing, a builder, fixer, problem solver, optimist at heart.

  • Create opportunities in different markets and types of companies.
  • Handle business deals with operations and activities.
  • Elaboration of relevant proposals for our potential partners.
  • Create strategies for new and existing accounts to generate business.
  • Connect and Understand partners (companies, startups, institutions) objectives, challenges, and user requirements, their strategy, and their goals.
  • Work with organizations to create new products, services, and consumer experiences that address a variety of innovation-related challenges.
  • Help our partners implement innovative solutions created in-house or fostering the relationship with startups relevant to their value chain, offering maximum value to their end-users.
  • Take part in defining requirements on the end-product of the project.
  • Support the financial and operational health of the Business Mindset area by participating in the creation of budgets.


This role will be in Madrid, Spain.

*** Job opening has been closed ***

THEVENTURECITY - Business Builder

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